2017 Women Swimmin' for Hospicare

Support our team! Future swimmer Lily!
Support our team! Future swimmer Lily!


We've formed a team because we know that together we can raise more money to support Hospicare & Palliative Care Services. The funds we raise will provide medical expertise and emotional, spiritual and practical support to patients and their families.

Your donation to Women Swimmin' will help make this important end-of-life care available to anyone in Tompkins or Cortland counties who needs it--regardless of their ability to pay. 

Please donate to Kathy, Lauryn or Amy individually instead of to our team. All individual donations will go to jakesgirls. Our team swims in memory of Jake and Betty, our parents/grandparents who received amazing care during their last days! We also remember many other friends who have received wonderful care from Hospicare. Ithaca is blessed to have such an outstanding organization to provide this important service. 

Hope you can join us for the post party!!

Keep on swimming!

Kathy, Lauryn and Amy












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